Do you want to buy real estate in France? The acquisition of a good requires the knowledge of certain rules and the taking into account of some elements. In this article, we explain everything you need to know about the offer to buy real estate so that you don’t make mistakes!

The real estate purchase offer or purchase proposal is a means for the buyer to affirm his desire to buy a property Wikipedia and to propose a price at a given time. This purchase offer is proposed by the potential buyer to the owner of the property, with conditions set by the buyer himself.

It can be oral, but a written/digital offer should be given priority in order to justify its anteriority, particularly in the event of multiple offers at the same time.

The purpose of a written offer is to have it approved by the seller, which makes it possible to note the agreement of the parties on the thing and on the price: there is then a sale!!!

The seller can then no longer go back on his agreement. Only the buyer has a withdrawal period of 10 days when he acquires a building for residential or mixed use, including housing.

If the offer is not accepted because it is lower than the proposed price, the seller can make a counter-proposal, until the agreement of the parties is obtained. The seller who has given a mandate to an intermediary at a certain price is bound to accept the offer which would be made at that price.

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